VIDEO: Southwest passenger arrested after punching flight attendant’s teeth out

VIDEO: Southwest passenger arrested after punching flight attendant’s teeth out


Flight attendant suffers violent attack.

A female passenger was arrested Sunday after viscously attacking a flight attendant because she was allegedly told to keep her seat belt fastened while the plane was still moving after landing.

According to reports, the incident, which took place on flight WN700 from Sacramento to San Diego, left the flight attendant with two missing teeth.

A passenger on the plane posted the following account on Facebook: “As we are pulling up to the gate, a woman in the back row took off her seat belt and stood up. The flight attendant told her to keep her seat belt fastened while we were still moving.

“What I saw was the flight attendant in the front suddenly start screaming ‘No, No, No! Stop!’ and running toward the back. I thought maybe someone was trying to open the back doors at first, but the woman in the back was attacking the flight attendant, punching her in the head.

“While the flight attendant was staggering back with a bloody face, we were all told to stay in our seats while they brought in police to remove the unruly passenger. Good grief people. Lady, welcome to the ‘no fly list.'”

Union president Lyn Montgomery slammed the attack claiming that SouthWest employees are having to deal with violent incidents more frequently.

“From April 8 to May 15, there were 477 passenger misconduct incidents on Southwest Airlines aircraft,” she wrote in a letter to Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly.

“This unprecedented number of incidents has reached an intolerable level, with passenger non-compliance events also becoming more aggressive in nature.”

Vyvianna Quinonez, the woman in the video attacking the flight attendant, claims self defence.

New video shows an altercation between Vyvianna Quinonez and a Southwest Airlines flight attendant. A union representative says the flight attendant lost two teeth when she was struck. Quinonez who was arrested on battery charges claims it was self-defense.

— CBS News 8 (@CBS8) May 26, 2021