Woman kicked off American Airlines flight over see-through mask

Woman kicked off American Airlines flight over see-through mask


See-through mask gets passenger thrown off flight.

A woman claims she was not allowed on her American Airlines flight out of Charlotte Douglas Airport in North Carolina, because she was wearing a see-through mask.

Tarus Woelk was planning to fly to Richmond, Virginia, however those plans were scuppered after an American Airlines gate agent noticed she was wearing a see-through face mask.

“‘You can’t wear that, you have to wear a different mask.’ I said, ‘Well why?'” Woelk told FOX46 in recalling the exchange.

“Well, I can see your mouth,” the agent replied.

“I was like, ‘can you just take a minute and look at this? It’s a Shema mask, it’s used by professional athletes. It has a factor of 97 instead of 95. It’s more effective than what you want me to wear.'”

Despite Woelk’s attempt to persuade the agent, she was given an ultimatum – wear a mask provided by the airline or not travel at all. Woelk decided to not travel.

Major carriers in the United States share the same basic standards, requiring face coverings: cover your nose and mouth; secure under the chin; and not to not contain exhaust valves.

American Airlines’ policy prevents passengers from wearing a mask made of mesh or lace.

Woelk claims she followed all requirements.

“It just caused a huge mess,” she said. “I’m wearing a mask. I’m being compliant.”