VIDEO: Crazy scenes as Tunisair passengers fight over luggage space

VIDEO: Crazy scenes as Tunisair passengers fight over luggage space


Fight over luggage space on board Tunisair plane.

A video of a fight between passengers on board a Tunisair plane has gone viral on social media.

The shocking incident took place on flight TU216 at Tunis-Carthage International Airport destined for Istanbul in Turkey, as the plane prepared for take-off.

According to reports, a group of passengers began arguing over the space in the overhead lockers, which subsequently turned physical.

In the video, two women can be seen pushing and hitting each other as a flight attendant attempts to push a male passenger further down the plane’s aisle.

A woman in a white top then starts screaming and shouting at three other women before hitting them and trying to get past them.

In a shocking escalation of events, the man in the centre of the disagreement can be seen dragging a woman backwards by her hair before he pummels her face.

The video ends as passengers are screaming at each other as the chaos continues.

In a statement, Tunisair confirmed that the captain had to ask for the assistance of police before the plane eventually took off.

Airline spokesman Ghassen Ouji said: “This fight caused a delay of five hours and financial losses were suffered by the company.”

It is unclear if any arrests were made.

Cette embrouille est exceptionnelle. On dirait un résumé de la Tunisie depuis le 14 janvier 2011. Quelle poésie. Le lieu, les protagonistes et les insultes qui volent au milieu d’un steward Tunisair complément dépasse… Tout est parfait 👍

— Papillon (@Papiillon) April 11, 2021