Qantas launches ‘mystery flights’ to boost domestic tourism

Qantas launches ‘mystery flights’ to boost domestic tourism


Flights to the unknown go on sale.

Qantas is launching a series of “Mystery Flights” to encourage domestic travel as Australia extends its international travel ban.

Passengers can book their flight departing Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, without knowing the destination from March 4.

Each flight is limited to 120 passengers, with the destination within approximately two hours of the origin.

Qantas has provided clues for the destinations, telling ex-Sydney passengers they can expect “the tropics, saltwater on your skin, and long lunching on the beach.”

Brisbane passengers are primed to expect “country hospitality, gourmet food and wine, and the great outdoors,” while passengers flying out of Melbourne can expect “the great outdoors (including a little walking), gourmet food and wine, and regional farmers markets.”

The all-inclusive packages cost $737 AUD ($577 USD) for economy-class seats and $1,570 AUD for business class.

“The vaccine rollout is bringing a lot more certainty and domestic border restrictions should soon be a thing of the past,” says Qantas Group Chief Customer Officer, Stephanie Tully.

“As well as helping bring more of our people back to work, these mystery flights are another way to support tourism operators in regional areas especially, who have been hit particularly hard by several waves of travel restrictions.”

Airlines around the world are coming up with different strategies to tackle travel slump caused by the pandemic.

Last year, Qantas was one of the first airlines to offer flights to nowhere, which take off and land at the same airport. Those tickets sold out in 10 minutes.

Qantas said it plans to resume international flights by the end of October 2021.