Airlines around the world suspending flights to China

Airlines around the world suspending flights to China


Airlines are suspending flights to China as the coronavirus death toll continues to rise.

British Airways has suspended all flights to mainland China with ‘immediate effect’ after the coronavirus death toll continues to rise.

Lufthansa, Swiss International Air Lines, SAS and Austrian Airlines also announced flight suspensions to China until February 9.

Indonesia’s Lion Air, South East Asia’s largest airline by fleet size, said it would stop services to and from China beginning Saturday.

Many other carriers, including United, American, Air Canada, Finnair, Air India and Air Asia have suspended some of its flights to China.

The White House is reportedly considering stopping all flights between the US and China.

The Northern Mariana Islands issued an emergency declaration banning all Chinese travellers from entering for 30 days.

According to reports, Papua New Guinea announced no travellers from Asia would be allowed into its country.

Chinese health officials confirmed on Thursday that the outbreak has reached every region in mainland China.

The latest figures has the death toll at 170, with 7,700 people infected.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called an urgent meeting over whether the virus should be declared a global health emergency.

Michael Ryan, head of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme, told reporters that “the whole world needs to be on alert now. The whole world needs to take action”.

The coronavirus is believed to have originated in a wild-animal market in Wuhan, before spreading across the country through humans, as the New Year travel period got under way.