Air India passengers threaten to break cockpit door after 5-hour delay

Air India passengers threaten to break cockpit door after 5-hour delay


Passengers threaten to break into a cockpit and open an emergency hatch after their flight was delayed.

Passengers on a delayed Air India flight became so irate that they tried to open the emergency exit and threatened to break the cockpit door.

Flight AI865 from Delhi to Mumbai was reportedly delayed for five hours, leaving passengers stuck on the plane.

Several people took it upon themselves to confront the captain by banging on the cockpit door and taunting him to come out.

In one video shared on social media, passengers can be seen standing by the door, shouting: “Captain please one out… Loser come out… Come out or we will break the door.”

In another video, passengers can be seen crowding around the emergency exit, with one woman attempting to open the door.

An Air India official told India Times: “The AI865 flight on Thursday got delayed as it developed a technical snag. It had to return to the bay. Passengers started knocking on the cockpit door, asking and taunting the pilots to come out. One male passenger even said that he will break open the cockpit door if the pilots didn’t come out.”

The head of India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation said: “We have asked the airline to act against the unruly behaviour.”

Look at what they are doing with cabin crew. In US they would have been arrested. @MoCA_GoI @DGCAIndia #shameful

— Tarun Shukla (@shukla_tarun) January 4, 2020