VIDEO: ‘Drunk’ Ryanair couple brawl on airport shuttle bus

VIDEO: ‘Drunk’ Ryanair couple brawl on airport shuttle bus

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A British man and woman got into a full-on fist fight at Alicante airport.

A ‘drunken’ couple were filmed throwing punches at one another on an airport shuttle bus at Alicante airport.

The passengers had just arrived on a Ryanair flight from Birmingham, where the argument started.

According to reports, the woman called the man “a b*****d” while the man is thought to have called the woman a “psycho b***h”.

Once on the shuttle bus to take them to the terminal, things boiled over and the man and woman, alleged to be a new couple, began fighting.

The video shows the two in various positions punching each other as the shuttle bus transports them to the terminal at around 10pm local time.

Shocked onlookers can be heard shouting: “Oi! Stop!” as they attempt to separate the couple.

The cameraman described the incident as ’embarrassing’, adding they acted like ‘typical Brits abroad’.

A Ryanair spokesman said: “The crew of this flight from Birmingham to Alicante (26 Oct) requested police assistance upon arrival after several passengers became disruptive. This is now a matter for local police.”