Ban on UK flights to Sharm el-Sheikh lifted after four years

Ban on UK flights to Sharm el-Sheikh lifted after four years

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Flights from the UK to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt are to resume.

The British government has lifted restrictions on flights to Sharm el-Sheikh after a four year ban.

The UK stopped flights to the resort in 2015 after 224 people died in the downing of a Russian airliner.

Investigations concluded that a bomb was smuggled onboard, questioning the airport’s security procedures.

Before the ban, Sharm el-Sheikh was one of the most popular holiday destinations with Britons, especially during the winter months.

Grant Shapps, the UK transport secretary, said: “We look forward to services to Sharm el-Sheikh resuming and lifting the restriction is the first step in that process.

“The safety and security of British nationals remains our top priority and this decision follows close cooperation between our aviation security experts and their Egyptian counterparts, and improvements in security procedures at the airport.

“We will now work closely with airlines who wish to resume flights to and from the airport.”

The first re-introduced flight is with Enter Air, scheduled for 22nd December from London Gatwick.

TUI said it will also return to serving SSH, whilst easyJet said it would “look at any opportunities”,