New edible flight meal trays to reduce airline waste

New edible flight meal trays to reduce airline waste

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Edible, plastic-free flight meal trays have been designed to reduce airline waste.

Design studio PriestmanGoode has revealed its solution to the plastic waste problem faced in the aviation industry.

Every single element of the prototype meal tray and utensils are designed to be either edible or biodegradable.

The tray is made from coffee grounds and husks mixed with lignin binder, whilst the cup is made of rice husk with PLA binder.

The spork is made of coconut wood.

The product’s designer, Jo Rowan, says: “It’s about weight as much as waste. When it comes to flying, lighter weight means less emissions.”

PriestmanGoode said they are currently in discussions with airlines and rail companies.

Each year, passenger flights generate 5.7 million tonnes of cabin waste.

As part of a growing movement to better protect our environment, airlines and governments are being pressured for change.

For example, 90% of rubbish that comes through London’s Heathrow cannot be recycled in the UK because of concerns about biosecurity.

Instead, it is burnt or sent to landfill.

When asked about the trays being rolled out across airlines Ms Rowan, associate strategy director at PriestmanGoode, said: “Obviously that’s the dream, that would be amazing for this to create traction and be turned into reality.”