Uber’s helicopter taxis to JFK Airport are now available to all users

Uber’s helicopter taxis to JFK Airport are now available to all users

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Uber makes JFK airport helicopter taxis available to everyone.

Uber will now offer its helicopter ride option to and from John F. Kennedy International Airport to all of its users.

The ride-hailing company first made Uber Copter available to its Platinum and Diamond members in July.

However, the company yesterday announced that anyone with the Uber app can now use the feature.

The experience first involves an Uber car ride from your location to the helipad situated in lower Manhattan.

Passengers are allowed one suitcase and have to watch a safety video before taking off on their 8-minute helicopter ride.

Once on the ground again, an Uber car will drive you to the terminal.

The cost of the service ranges between $200 and $225 per person.

“The focus in the near term is to open this up to all riders, to demonstrate this vision of seamless connection between cars and helicopters,” says Eric Allison, head of Uber Elevate, the company’s flight business.

Uber Copter is now available for all riders, enabling people to seamlessly travel from Manhattan to JFK 🚁

The pilot is designed to generate learnings for a future all-electric Uber Air ride-sharing network. pic.twitter.com/oUtDSO67Zg

— Uber (@Uber) October 3, 2019

Uber hopes its New York helicopter project will pave the way for Uber Air, a taxi service of electric “vertical take-off and landing” aircraft.