Hong Kong’s tourism plunges 40% as protests continue

Hong Kong’s tourism plunges 40% as protests continue

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Ongoing protests in Hong Kong have delivered a blow to the city’s tourism industry.

Scenes of violent protests in Hong Kong have scared tourists away, resulting in a 40% drop in visitors.

The fall is the biggest year-on-year decrease since 2003, when arrivals sank almost 70% in the midst of the SARS disease outbreak.

Hong Kong hotels have seen occupancy rates drop to half, whilst prices have plunged 40-70%.

In August, protesters shutdown the airport for several days, causing hundreds of flights to be cancelled.

Bystanders are often exposed to tear gas and fire bombs as daily clashes between police and activists have become increasingly violent

The demonstrations originally targeted a bill that would allow China to extradite Hong Kong citizens to the mainland for trial.

That bill has since been rescinded, however, protests have quickly grown into a call for autonomous democracy.

Experts warn that the protests combined with the US-China trade war are threatening to tip Hong Kong’s economy into recession.

Last year, Hong Kong was one of the world’s most visited cities, with 30 million tourists.