More airlines ban older MacBooks from their flights

More airlines ban older MacBooks from their flights

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Airlines are not allowing Apple MacBook Pros onto their flights after being deemed a potential fire hazard.

Many airlines are banning passengers from putting Apple Macbook Pros in checked luggage over fears its battery poses a fire safety risk.

Virgin Australia and Qantas are the latest to issue bans on all MacBook Pro models from being stored in checked-in luggage.

A statement on the Virgin Australia website read: “Due to a worldwide recall by Apple of a number of Apple MacBook batteries, ALL Apple MacBooks must be placed in carry-on baggage only. No Apple MacBooks are permitted in checked-in baggage until further notice.”

Air Italy, Air Transat, Thomas Cook Airlines and TUI Airways have also banned the device from checked luggage.

However, some airlines have gone a step further.

According to reports, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways have banned affected MacBooks from both checked and carry-on baggage – unless the passenger can prove the battery has been replaced by Apple.

It’s unknown how airport and airline staff will handle the situation since distinguishing certain MacBook Pro models apart from each other is difficult.

In June, Apple issued a voluntary recall of specific 15-inch MacBook Pros sold between September 2015 and February 2017.

The units are to said to “contain a battery that may overheat and pose a safety risk.”

Earlier this month, the US Federal Aviation Administration alerted major US airlines to the recall and reminded them of their responsibility to prohibit transporting products that have been the subject of a safety recall.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency issued its own warning.